Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cima di Rapa

I sowed these two days ago and they are up already! The packet of seeds was dated 2007/8, to be used by 12/2010. This gives me confidence to try other out of date packets. The germination is still good.
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The google definition of this plant is....."broccoli raab = broccolirab = broccoli de rape = broccoli de rabe = brocoletti di rape = brocoletto = rappi = rape = raab = rapini = cima di rapa = cima di rabe = choy sum = Chinese flowering cabbage Notes: This slightly bitter cooking green has long been popular in Italy and is now catching on in America. It's best to just eat the florets and leaves; the stems are quite bitter. Substitutes: Chinese broccoli (similar, but not as bitter) OR dandelion greens OR Swiss chard OR mustard greens OR turnip greens OR kale OR broccoli (milder, takes longer to cook) OR cauliflower OR watercress"


  1. So great they are growing well! is always nice to have some seedlings popping out.

  2. If you're not sure whether seeds are too old to germinate just sow a few on a bit of damp kitchen paper on a saucer and see what happens...